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Do-it-yourself Websites Are Not Good for Your Business!

Time and time again, I come across do-it-yourself websites that are such a poor representation of a business; hard to navigate, not enough info, and not optimized for search engines. Yes, it might seem good to you because it is free or low-cost, but you are most likely failing to get the business your website should attract. Often people get emotionally attached to how they made it look, and don't really know how badly it's failing to do the job a good professional website should do!

Reasons for having a professional website for your business or non-profit organization

Being found is important, but it doesn't really matter how much traffic your website attracts if you are not getting customers from it!  Websites must be easy, comprehensive, and appealing for people to want to stay long enough to look at your information and then get in touch to do business with you.

A website is your strongest marketing tool, but you may be trying to keep your business expenses down. Consider the fact that a well-designed, mobile-friendly website can pay for itself in a very short time making your web design costs an effective part of your business marketing budget.

A professional website is like having extra sales staff without having to pay them a wage or commission! Smart business owners know it is important to have a professionally-designed, website to represent them to potential customers 24/7.

You will get more than your money's worth from a quality website. And,  I'll make the development easy while helping you understand the process of having a good website, and the value of your custom designed website. I enjoy what I do, and make sure you do, too!  I don't consider your project finished until you are thrilled with it!

"I really appreciate the extra effort that you put in and most web designers do not make the extra effort. I have sent you a lot of material but you have been the one to make sense of it and present it in a way that educates, informs and makes the experience a good one for viewers." -- Web client L. Bierly, Salem Oregon


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