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The Right Web Hosting Company

Q. Why is good hosting company security important?
A. Choosing the right web hosting company is vital to ensuring that your website is a success. These things can mean a lot to your page ranking in the search engines. Website content space allocation, server reliability, server security and hosting customer services and support. It's important to host your website with a web hosting company that does not oversell its bandwidth, and one who takes security seriously keeping your website safe from hackers and spammers.
Q. How much does hosting cost?
A.The cost of standard hosting starting can vary, but shouldn't be more that *$7.00 a month for a standard hosting account.

Q. How do I know if a hosting company is a US company located in the USA?
A. It's simple. Before you sign up, email or call and ask them! It is important to secure your own hosting account and as well your ftp login with a password that is 8 characters long and has a combination of alphanumeric (numbers, and symbols).

Q. How do I know what security a hosting company uses?
A. Some really serious issues exist in having your website be a secure site. Your web hosting provider should be able to tell you what security measures it takes for every site as part of regular business procedures and what extra security measures you can purchase.

Q. How do I know if it is a good hosting company?
If you want to be sure about a hosting company, do a Google search using the hosting company name and the words 'reviews or problems' to see what other people have to say. This is an easy and important way to find out what issues a hosting company has and help you protect yourself.

Q. What hosting company should I use?
A. Since 2007 I have recommended for hosting. I do not resell hosting or receive any compensation from any hosting company. The real value to me is in the excellent customer service and reliability they offer so my client's websites are stable and safe. Please don't hesitate to ask me to help you with setting up your hosting account!

*Some web designers will purchase a chunk of cheap hosting space on a hosting company site, then resell little pieces of it at highly inflated prices as 'hosting' for their web clients. This also causes gaps in support as they are just a middle-man. Unless the web designer also owns a real hosting company, you are better off to keep the two services separate.


Q. Beware of Invoices from "Domain Listings" - It's a Scam!
A. At a glance the documentation people receive from Domain Listings looks legitimate. The invoice has a logo, an account number, and includes your contact information and domain name. But beware, these statements are designed to fool you. The statement may claim to be a registration for your domain name, ensure your site remains active, or optimize your website but it's misleading and never necessary for you to pay.


Investigate before you pay. Ask your web designer or hosting company if you aren't sure.

Q. How do I choose a domain name?
A. Your www.domain name is an essential part of a business operation that will be used on your letterhead, cards, and other important marketing materials. I'm happy to help you in securing a highly effective domain name for your business.

Q. Does it matter where I register my domain name?
A. Yes. Dishonest web hosts intentionally defraud unsuspecting individuals by offering cheap, attractive offers such as a free domain name at start up. Later, after suffering bad hosting service clients want to switch to another web host company only to discover the domain name was registered to the hosting company, not to you, the client! Victims of this domain registration scam are forced to purchase the domain name for prices ranging from $99 to $2500. (Some web hosting companies get away with it by calling them domain registration ‘exit’ or ‘URL release’ fees.) Just be sure your domain name is absolutely going to be registered in your name as registered owner.

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