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I will transfer the content and images from your current OLDER non mobile-responsive site into a new, updated mobile-friendly site  Easier & Cheaper! CALL TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECT
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With years of business and marketing experience I can provide valuable suggestions to add to your own ideas and help guide your focus when it comes to your business website.

You already know what your business is, and what kind of website you need. I will help bring your visions together and provide guidance and suggestions to help achieve your website goals.

If you have a business that requires you have control of making updates to your site, then I'm not the web designer for you. I believe a website will continue to have a professional appearance if it is the web designer who is doing the updates or changes, therefore I don't make the type of website that you can update yourself.

Quick completion of your web project

Details are very important to me because I try to include any and all of the fine points that could enhance your website business presence as though it were my own business. Since I'm organized and focused, I can work very quicly.

I don't much like unfinished projects that drag on because clients haven't gotten everything to me. Once you've done your part in providing me any special content and photo elements you have for your website, it will be done in a very timely manner.

Preview your web project while it is in progress

During the development of a website, you will be able to view your website project as it unfolds which gives you the opportunity to provide valuable feedback and new ideas that come to you during the entire design process. I'm not finished until you are completely happy!

The web designer & client relationship

There are endless combinations of client/web designer relationships and I will always do my best to accommodate whichever type you want.

Options our working relationship offers:

  • Client has a clear vision of how they want their website to look and communicates it to me so we can work together to achieve that end result.
  • Client has no vision of what they want and asks me to design and create it from start to finish, with minor adjustments along the way.
  • Client has an idea of what they want, but they don't know how to make their information and message cohesive and trust me to do that.
  • Client has a color scheme they communicate and some don't. Some have photos and some don't. Some don't even have text content for me to work with, but it's all fine!
  • Some clients want to be very controlling and can present a challenge if they are not creative. Often they find they are able to relax, trust me, and let go, then go with the flow and end up very happy with their web project!

Understanding your search engine rankings

My clients report they have had terrific results with their search engine positioning through my attention to organic search engine optimization and details that include my research to compile effective keyword phrases and text elements that will help make a website optimal.

Upon completion of your web project, I will submit the new web site to the major search engines. There is no extra charge for this. It's all included. Submitting to the search engines is free but no one can or should guarantee your ranking in the search engines unless you are a paid advertiser. Be patient and watch to see how your well-optimized website can move up organically. It may take a few weeks or months, depending on your level of competition on the internet.

Beware of SEO scams

Search engines all use different methods of indexing websites, so there isn't a set of rules that apply across the board. There's a lot of controversy about the legitimacy of companies that charge people claiming they can get them ranked higher in search engine listings. (If you want to know more, do a little research on the internet.) Again, be patient! It's not instantaneous that your site gets ranked listed or ranked. Read more.


Things you WON'T GET with Lady Web Pro services:

  • No arrogance

  • No sales pitch

  • No condescending intimidation

  • No double-geek-talk

  • No surprise fees

  • No delays of project completion

  • No pressure for extra SEO fees

I look forward to making you a website you can be proud of that works for you!

Call to discuss your web project and let's get started! 
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