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Web Design Fees

What will it cost?

Of course you want to know exactly what it could cost but it all depends on what you need. The pricing depends on how many pages and special functions you will need for your website. It's rarely a good idea to have a smaller website than 4 pages because search engines want to return the best results for searchers and if a website is too small it is given less weightiness and value.  Please feel free to call me to discuss the scope and needs of your web project so you can find out the exact cost... and I will always try to work with your budget. 

(Lower web design fees offered to some non-profit web projects.)

Shopping Cart Websites
If you have a small number of products, and want to use PayPal as your check-out, I am willing to do that. . . but I don't do extensive shopping cart websites that have a lot of products.

How much do you spend on advertising?
You know that many businesses spend hundreds of dollars for just one newspaper ad. Your custom website provides you with constant advertising out in the world, day and night for about the same cost as a large one-time ad, making it an amazingly cost-effective marketing tool.

What does the mobile-friendly web design fee cover?
The fee you pay for your website includes custom design, the number of pages you need (varies), good organic search engine optimization (keyword phrases), planning discussions, domain & hosting guidance and set up, text and photo editing and optimization (and up to 10 stock photos if you don't have photos, average size 400 pixels wide).

Project planning and discussions usually take 2+ hrs over the course of the project. Discussions include planning domain name options, hosting set-up, photo and text editing, time searching for appropriate royalty-free stock photos . . . plus optimization procedures, keyword and key phrase compilation, along with your custom design.

A good quality website pays for itself quickly! Once your site is completed, you can opt to add new pages at any time in the future. For sites with 6 or more pages include 5 custom error pages, and a site map at no extra charge.

Sites with PayPal include a 'thank you for your order' page at no extra charge. What about search engine optimization? I provide good organic search engine optimization in the process of creating your website. (Beware of SEO SCAMMERS who will try to convince you to spend hundreds or thousands to be at the top of the rankings.)

Web Design Refund & Cancellation Policy
I provide an extensive online portfolio, client testimonials and other pertinent information for anyone researching web designers to review, read and ask questions before hiring me for their web project. You are able to see the high quality and creative scope of my web design work to help you choose to work with me. If you have any questions, please ask me prior to making a payment for my services, otherwise, it is assumed you understand the information I've provided.

Once a payment or deposit is made it is non-refundable. If a project is canceled or postponed, all monies paid are retained by and if applicable, a fee for work completed beyond and/or expenses incurred, above what was already paid, shall be due and payable by the client.

My prior web clients who want a remodel or a more updated responsive site, will receive a discounted rate.

I take your business seriously! I appreciate my clients very much and make every effort to provide complete satisfaction. My business experience and marketing skills are an added bonus and your website can add so much to your business.

My rates are extremely reasonable in the custom web design market for the quality work I provide especially since organic search engine optimization as part of the process of creating a website that WORKS FOR YOU! I take your business seriously!

Call to discuss your web project and let's get started! 
Barbara Grant (208) 262-9555