Website Marketing Tips

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Website Marketing Tips

Client Testimonials important!

Use of client comments and testimonials your customers have provided on your products or services will go a long way in validating your business reputation and help increase your customer base. I've had a number of web clients who say their new customers love the fact that they feel like they already know them personally once they have viewed their website information so they don't have to spend time verbally convincing them to become a customer.

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Viewers love to see before and after photos when applicable, or end-result photos if applicable. I can use your photos or stock photos to help 'illustrate' sections of text and soften the clinical look of having text.

Promoting your website in other venues

Your website should be promoted through small ads in papers, online ads, quick radio ads and social media. The more traffic you can drive to your website, the more popular it ranks. Name recognition is so important. Get that domain name out there in all the ways you can think of.

The primary goal of a website

Your website is the online office, face, or storefront for your business, and it speaks directly to your target audience. When your website is well-made it presents the world with all of the important information needed to entice or convince someone to become your customer. It's very similar to inviting potential customers into your office, and making your best effort to engage them to do business with you. What a powerful tool!

Don't shortchange your business!

If you value your business and your plans for business success, don't have an amateur make your website. There is so much more to a good website than simply how it looks!

Don't use a do-it-yourself web template unless you are skilled at using one. (template sites can be tacky, ineffective, incomplete, glitchy and annoying). 

Don't settle for anything less than a seriously well-designed, well-optimized website or you're simply wasting valuable time and ad space, (you could even be sending your competitors more clients after seeing your poor presentation)!

My satisfied web clients will speak for me

As a professional web designer, I always work hard to give my web clients more than they expected because I vaule their business and take pride in doing a good job for them.

I enjoy making the process of developing your website so much easier and pleasurable than you would imagine possible. I would like to have you become one of my happy web clients.

Call to discuss your web project and let's get started!
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