Web Designers Are Different

(a really important point!)

Know that there are differences in web designers

Are web designers really that different?

Honestly, there are so many people who call themselves "web designers" simply because the field of web design is a totally unregulated profession. It can be difficult to determine if someone is just a good "sales person" or if they really are a good professional web designer.

How can I know if they are a good web designer?

One way to help you make a decision whether they are a good web designer is by viewing a LOT of examples of their work, and a LOT of client feedback and testimonials.  (Some who are part of a larger company will display work that isn't really their own.)

Don't just take their word for it that they are the greatest! I've met many people who unknowingly wasted years of valuable marketing time and a lot of money just because their poorly-designed, under-optimized website was doing them no good and losing potential business. Check out their reviews and client testimonials!

What about ...

Can I use a premade web template for my website?

Yes, maybe you can. . .  but do you really have time to try to figure out how to use a template, and struggle with the limitations of using a premade template? And, very importantly, do you know how to optimize it well enough for the search engines to find your website?

Can my son, my nephew or a friend make my website?

Yes, but is someone who only sort of knows how to make a website really the right person to create the most valuable marketing tool for your business? Do they know all of the backside needs of creating an effective website for your business or organization? Do they have the life experience to know what a comprehensive overview or your business should be in your web presence?

Us a full-time professional web designer!

Do you want to trust someone who only "does websites on the side" whenever they can snag a web client or have the experienced full-time web designer working for your business?  I've come across a number of very poorly designed website made by guys who fix computers, or IT guys who know a lot of technical stuff, but not true web design. Be aware! Just because they know how to make computers run doesn't mean they know how to design a great website.

WHO IS the web designer you're considering?

Do you want to work with an anonymous web designer who doesn't even put their name on their website? Wouldn't you rather know they are established, mature, reliable and stable? Is the web designer even in the USA?  Do you want to risk working with a web designer who isn't even in this country?

Can I get a cheaper website?

Yes, but does it really sound realistic that a 5 page website for $99 could be a GOOD/EFFECTIVE website?  That old adage is important...'you get what you pay for'. Find out if the potential web designer is going to sub-contract out your project so you can check the sub-contractor's work and reputation  There's a lot more to creating a good website for you than the look of it. If it's not properly optimized, it's not going to be found!

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